Daniel Labrosse


Interview on Hungarian TV channel, M2, 12 September 2019

„Amit különösen szeretek Budapestben, hogy 22 év után mindig találok benne valami felfedeznivalót, még ott is, ahol már ezerszer jártam. Ez az épületsor a Tabánnál, a Döbrentei utcában is ilyen. Egyik napon a kettes villamosról megláttam, és valamiért nagyon megfogott. Látszik, hogy az épületek más-más korszakban és stílusban épültek, de mégis kifogástalanul illeszkednek egymáshoz. Úgy össze vannak tapadva, mintha eleve így tervezték volna őket. Az épületsor valahogy egyszerre tökéletes és tökéleten, szerintem jól reprezentálja a város eklektikáját, keszekuszaságában is harmonikus mivoltát. Read more (in Hungarian)…

Hype and Hyper

Labrosse Dani különleges karakterei budapesti épületeket özönlenek el egy teljes évre itt, a HYPEANDHYPER-en! Böngészd te is, és találd meg a villanykörte fejű Dávid-szobrot ezúttal a Palatinus házban! Read more (in Hungarian)…

Hype and Hyper

Premier Magazine interview, 2019 spring-summer edition

Premier Magazine interview, 2019 spring-summer edition

[place] makes , 20/03/18

“I love going to the movies. Just going into a theatre, sitting there and having the whole room go dark and focusing on the screen. It’s one of my favorite experiences in the city.” Lucky for Daniel, Budapest has amazing art-house independent theaters. Some palatial, some jazzy, some dilapidated-thrifty, these spaces are also worth visiting for their cafes and bars and lingering for a discussion on film. For Labrosse, Bem Cinema and Theater Toldi are the best in town, and are dreams places to have his short film screened when its finished..“ Read more…

Ello,  10/10/17

“As artists, we can trace our introduction to art back to a few or single events; mine was the first time I saw paintings by Frida Kahlo as a child. How were you introduced to art?
There are three events I distinctly remember having a very profound effect on me when I was like eight or ten years old: Seeing a Keith Haring exhibition at Ludwig in Budapest, a Tim Burton retrospective exhibition at MoMA in New York and seeing a mural by Blu on the wall of the Tate Modern in London. The latter in particular I remember very well, looking at Blu’s mural at the Tate, standing next to it for ages and being blown away by the scale and the sheer amount of detail, it was life-changing for me. “
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Ball Pit Magazine, 27/03/17

“What role does art play in your life? How does it change the way you view the world? Creating art, (whether it’s a film, a drawing, a comic book, a video game, a pack of stickers, whatever it may be), is pretty much what keeps me going and gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve met lots of wonderful people and made lots of friends solely through making and consuming art. It just keeps me constantly thinking and it’s something I’m very passionate about, and I firmly believe in the positive aspects it can have on society. Read more…

Neighbour Art, 07/10/17

“Do you have a reoccurring dream? What is it about? Have you ever visualized it in your artwork?
I don’t really have reoccurring ones but I have a memorable one from my childhood where I have been to mass with my grandparents. Jesus climbed down from the cross and bit through my throat, then chewed my head off. Since then I am not going to church anymore.” Read more

Beautiful Bizarre 28/10/16

“The new Tate Modern celebrated its inaugural weekend with an open call for young artists to submit work based on the theme of the future of art and creativity. Among the submissions selected for the exhibition was a piece by Dani Labrosse. The 19-year old French-Hungarian illustrator and digital artist is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Labrosse creates multi-media work through a process involving hand-drawn illustrations which are then rendered, colored and elaborated digitally. In this composite manner, he evokes the past and future of art with compositions overflowing with figures reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch and the linear patterning of Keith Haring. Read more…

D/Railed Magazine 16/10/16

On your website, you describe yourself as a “lowbrow” artist, (a lowbrow neo-expressionist, to be precise). How does “lowbrow” art fit into — or push up against — an often-elitist art world?

Well, the reason I refer to myself as a lowbrow artist is because I want to make art for everyone, I don’t want to pander to a particular crowd or movement.I think that the elitism and snobism that is often attached to contemporary art holds a lot of people back from really getting into it. To me, it’s very important that a wide range of people, of all ages and social backgrounds, enjoy my art.  Read more…

Urban Kultur Blog, 27/04/16

“Ritalin is used to treat ADHD, and the characters in the pictures sort of look like they were made up by a hyperactive child, so Bubblegum and Ritalin sounded cool.”

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LeCool Blog 25/09/15

Mondj 3 szót, ami nagyon illik Rád:

Diszgráfia, diszkalkulia, koffein. Read more (in Hungarian)…

Est.hu 24/09/15

Ezer közül is felismerhető stílusod van. Kb. mikor kezdtek kialakulni a védjegyeid? 
Legnagyobb lökést valószínűleg az óvoda adta, ahol az általam nagyon nem kedvelt óvónő kijelentette, hogy nem tudok rajzolni, mert hat ujjat rajzolok a figuráknak. Ezért legközelebb csakazértis nyolc ujjat rajzoltam. Olykor hármat vagy négyet. Ötöt a mai napig sem voltam hajlandó.  Read more (in Hungarian)…

Edinburgh College Broadcast Media student Samuel Lopez interviewing Daniel Labrosse at his exhibition at the Creative Exchange in 2016