Daniel Labrosse

Pukemons for Leithers Don't Litter

Augmented reality poster campaign for Leithers Don’t Litter commissioned by Gerry Farrell Ink. I designed the five characters and built the app.

The posters were displayed in eight play parks in Leith, Edinburgh. To reveal the Pukemons on the posters download the “Leithers Don’t Litter: Pukemon” app from Google Play or from the Apple App Store. Open the app and look at the poster through your computer screen.

The characters also appeared on badges which were incentives for the kids who participated in the “Draw Your Own Pukemon” competition.


Meet the Pukemons

Pukemons Poster A4_Hires_Page_1.jpg
Pukemons Poster A4_Hires_Page_2.jpg
Pukemons Poster A4_Hires_Page_3.jpg
Pukemons Poster A4_Hires_Page_4.jpg
Pukemons Poster A4_Hires_Page_5.jpg